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Unlimited imagination- Joint e-sport stand design

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INFOCOMM SOUTHEAST ASIAN (booth: E305/15-17), KOBA SHOW (booth: C401 5/22-25) and PALM EXPO(booth: D44 5/30-6/1) will be on hand to guide you through the fabulous range of unparalleled and unique exhibition style, presenting groundbreaking visual experience for every viewer on site.

After the official partner of the Olympic Council of Asia, Lightlink held successfully several large-scale e-sport matches such as PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals as well as 2018 Asian games E-sport matches. We have rich experience in displaying any types of e-sport live-venue.  According to an idea by market director Vae, an e-sport stands design strategy was set out, building the iconic booth in own distinct style. In this joint stand events, the LED screen should support an e-sport style visual effect standing out of the crowds while being in coordination with the whole booth’s layouts. As the remarkable stand design with the joint e-sport design, Lightlink Glory E magnesium alloy series will be a backdrop for the e-sport stage. Presentations with the exquisite image with high grayscale from a wide visual angle and viewers are captivated by the amazing display experience.

As the brand new products, Glory series also includes: Drop & lock curved ground structure(convex/concave 0°±5 °±10 °)for any adjustable installation/Creative splicing with intersecting layout/IP65 waterproof level(outdoor)As for any rental solutions, PCB anti-collision protection improves LED soldering strength to enhance the stability of the LED  and make LEDs damaged without affecting subsequent maintenance. Based on the 1st industry manufactures of fast lock invention, Lightlink’s Glory series features easy operation & quick Installation with straight lock & curved lock.

In addition, the visual effect of LR-Pro, other display products, will also be satisfying:  rich in color display, high grayscale, high color reproduction, high refresh rate, and high dynamic range picture quality to present its display contents with a clearer image and greater detail than average indoor LED screens. Meanwhile, #Lightlink main LED screen magnesium alloy series enhanced by visual effect by use of LR-Plus series at Infocomm SOUTHEAST ASIAN
Designated with a smart module for memory storage function, LR-SM series delivers automatic color calibration for wide viewing display, satisfying any strict displaying requirements on site. With dual power backup & universal detachable power box, all-around protection design, as well as convenient maintenance and replacement through wire free modular design, It always is the popular products for Lightlink’s clients. Joint e-sport stand bloom the brilliance of your visual image!


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