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Daktronics install LED screens

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Victoria Racing Club installs Daktronics scoreboard

Victoria Racing Club
Daktronics has provided a new ProStar® LED video display and control equipment to Victoria Racing Club's Flemington Racecourse, home of Australia's Melbourne Cup. The system debuted during the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Oct. 29-Nov. 5.

The display, approximately 6.6 meters tall by 23.5 meters wide (22 feet by 77 feet), is one of the largest outdoor LED displays in the Southern Hemisphere. It shows live images, graphics, and real-time information in 4.4 trillion different colors of red, green and blue.

The 23-mm pixel pitch display was strategically positioned at the track infield, directly in front of the grand stand, to optimize spectators' view of racing action.

"Victoria Racing Club's decision to install a ProStar® LED display at Flemington Racecourse has truly raised the bar for premier event facilities in Australia," said Jon Minor, Daktronics pari-mutuel sales. "The ProStar® display presents Victoria Racing Club with the opportunity to generate revenue by increasing the value provided to sponsors, attracting new sponsors and possibly drawing new events."


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