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LIGHTLINK Shows You the Most Fashionable LED Display on Stage

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The Worlds Premiere UHD( Ultra High Definition) TV Signal


UHD with 3800 x2160 (4K x 2K) physical resolution, which is also called 4K ultra high definition, is now the worlds biggest definition. The definition of UHD is fourfold as FHD(Full High Definition, 1920 x 1080),and eightfold as HD(High Definition,1280 x 720).


May 31, 2017 17:00~18:30, the worlds premiere UHD ultra high definition TV signal party was showing in the SBS live studio. The organizer together with KBS and MBC adopted the new conception of stage design and equipped with a new kind of LED display. There were nearly 100 LED screens combined regularly and displayed the letter of UHDright above the stage. It was so impressive and full of rhythm and fashion.


Wonderful and Unmissable Shots of LED KINETIC SCREEN


Amazing debut.


As is known that this LED display named with LED Kinetic Screen is a creative avant-garde product that manufactured by LIGHTLINK. As the term suggests, LED kinetic screen is a special LED display product that worked with mechanical motions. It was built by rectangular array. And its programmed movements shows various shapes to decorates the stage. Let me tell you how this cool LED display product evolved!


Development history of LED KINETIC SCREEN


If you want to know what is LED Kinetic screen,  maybe you are supposed to figure out the question what is LED Kinetic Ballfirst.


There was a new types of stage light appeared on the 2016 HNTV New Years Eve Concert, that is LED Kinetic Ball.


LED Kinetic Ball, a kind of solid 3D lighting, was consisted of several LED spherical lamps. It can be in any color and space. So at this moment it may seems like a jellyfish flies in the air but turns into moving geometric figures in next second.


2016 LIGHTLINK improved and innovated on the base of ultra-thin and ultra light CF 500*500 series product(only 3.3kg) and invented this LED Kinetic Screen. With the diving of motor, it can be used as not only regular LED Screen but also LED lifting and kinetic screen. So that this product improves the utilization ratio of the screens while saving costs.




December, 2016 LIGHTLINK released a new stage design concept——LED KINETIC SCREEN


7th Feb 2017, first appeared on the 2017 Netherlands ISE expo.


27th Feb 2017, appeared on the GETShow in Guangzhou.  Professional entertainers show great interests on it.


4TH Apr 2017, wonderful continued in Frankfurt, Germany, The tide of LED Kinetic is irresistible


31st May, exhibited in Chiba, made a bigger cover in Asia-Pacific market


31st May 2017 made a perfect presentationon Korean SBS TV station which means LIGHTLINK LED Kinetic Screen march towards the initiative stage design.


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